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The Lost Sessions Vol 1.

Wed 21 Dec 2011

The Lost Sessions Vol 1.

What is lost can be found and what is found can be lost again; VOL. 1.

I'd thought I'd give you this to put in your little players, either stick it in your ears or play it loud when the lights are low, mind weary and days rainy.

Remember; life is a process, no feeling is final.

There is no end and no beginning. Yours truly always,

Lykke Li

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PS: If you like it you are welcome to spread it on those little Internet waves. Maybe send it like a little gift or a kindly flu filled kiss. 

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. VOL . 1 ( !!!!!)


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  • Added: Fri.23.03.2012 @ 02:24:56AM AmdreRuiz

    This is beautiful. I love the way this songs make me feel! You're a great artist and i can honestly say that i'm a big fan! :DD

  • Added: Fri.06.01.2012 @ 11:46:11AM Daedalus

    Thanks for sharing your little treasures with us. I adore your reduced voice, style and rythms quite much. I also like your way of presentation and and the reduced photogragraphy style.
    BTW: If interested in severe character photography why not have a look at my work as a portrait artist ( If interested I'd give you a free shooting - promised! :)

    Keep on innovating!


  • Added: Thu.22.12.2011 @ 11:28:29AM StroteM

    Lykke, let me just tell you how much I love hearing you sing Jerome acoustically. It holds so much weight it's amazeballs! :-D Happy Christmas!

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